2017 African Top Schools (Nigeria South-West)

Congrats, the Africa premier school rating system is 5 years old. In 2012, we realized that public schools in African market were under pressure from limited funds and resources, and there is growing demand for quality private education alternatives.

Basic challenge will be making alternative choices among the school system. For public schools, we have model colleges and ordinary colleges. There are various classes of private schools: some very great, some are good and some just set up to exploit the innocent parent.

Despite dwindling income due to faulty foreign currency exchange rate policy of African governments; the craze for quality education/ school is typically seen as priority expenditure for parents- even during tough mes. In South Africa, parents spend between 10- 15% of their salary educating their children- where as in other Africa countries (including Nigeria), it’s up to 40-50%. Hence, guiding the African parents in making selection of good schools is important.

There is increasing awareness for the yearly Africa Top Schools guide since 2012. Interestingly, award receiving schools are recording increasing patronage in their yearly admission programs with quality intakes and are able to improve their yearly performances in external examinations.

Another major accompany benefit of the Africa Brands Review Rating (ABR) guide is opportunity to position African Schools to target students outside their home countries.

Most of the award winning schools are faith-based organizations and have affiliated school outside Africa e.g. The Catholic Marist Brothers group, Loyola Jesuit, Louis Ville group and their CEOs have presented papers during the Africa Top Schools (ATS) ceremonies that their group international standards are not compromised in Africa. Most of the awards receiving schools have st excellent performances in SAT, IGSCE and their old students are graduating with 1 class honor in foreign universities

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