Lagos: August 20 – 23, 2019 & Abuja: September 2- 5, 2019



After a long period of low demand for hostel services, parents are now searching for award-winning schools with professionally managed boarding facilities. In a world operating as a global village, with children more alive to their rights and parents demanding accountability, openness, and professionalism in the management of hostels. Triggers of demand for student hostel services include:

  1. Security challenges demand restricting movement from home to schools.
  2. The increasing cost of living demand parents spend more time looking for money and investing in their children education but not in the actual child development i.e nuclear families transferring practical parenting to the schools
  3. Perceived advantages of boarding schools in shaping children personality and character. Such include confidence, productivity, social skills, reliable attitude, responsibility and sharpness in many domains of life.


What are the training objectives?

By the end of this training, participants will:

  1. be exposed to essential soft skills, needs / regulatory requirements for an ideal hostel and evolving child and student rights issues.
  2. unlock hidden potentials for school’s revenue and student’s learnings/ outcome from effective management of hostels.
  3. teaching practical and modern parenting techniques.
  4. acquire the knowledge to manage staff and student crisis
  5. develop a working plan for effective management of the building and the occupants
  6. acquire the knowledge to manage and prevent fire incident in student hostels 7. acquire practical security tips to manage student hostels
  7. towards a data-driven hostel management.


Who should attend?

Hostel managers / Supervisors; School owners, Head Masters/ Head Teachers/ Principals; Managers and

Officers of hostels for an institution with dormitories/hall of residence, Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education, Technical schools, Secondary, Primary School and private firms handling student hostels; including Hall Wardens; Technical Supervisors; Quality Assurance Officers; Porters; Hostel Security.


In partnership with key government regulatory agencies: School safety services; Domestic and sexual violence response team


METHODOLOGY: Lectures, exercises role-playing will equip participants with the right job perspective and hands-on practice.


FEES :  N 100, 000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira) per participant. Payable to Stanbic Ibtc Bank Plc 0010511144 for Africa Brands Review


What’s is included in the fees? Lunch & tea break. A full set of comprehensive notes and a copy of the Lagos state Safeguarding and Child Protection policy.



  1. The ideal hostel: Roles and responsibilities of staff; Effective parenting techniques; Essential 21st century soft skills.
  2. ABC of Lagos State Safeguarding and Child protection policy: Ensure in-depth understanding of the policy: Participants to develop template Safeguarding and Child protection policy for their schools/ hostels. We will teach the child’s right to family or parental care or to appropriate care when removed from the family.
  3. Health Issues: Sustainable cleaning practices and hygienic living conditions; healthy food options; complete physical and mental health management of students; effective first aid treatment and medical emergencies.
  4. Safety issues: Access control and security tips; visitors management; prevention and management of fire accidents (+ practical simulations).
  5. Interpersonal skills: Evaluating students’ behavior, peer group, the relationship between students and others, Assertive Communication Techniques; and discipline.
  6. Management students and staff crisis: Dealing with a crisis, skills to successfully survive a crisis, practical points to manage crisis; emotional & stress management techniques, counseling services
  7. Data management: record keeping, document control, and stock control; e-record keeping.
  8. Facility management: Routine maintenance and cleanliness, remarkable & functional hostel facilities; quality control and monitoring.


FACILITATORS: All Africa Brands Review Team; Director, Lagos State Schools Safety; Director Domestic and sexual violence response team; Experienced Facility Manager and an experienced and tested Hall of residence warden


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