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Africa Dealers Connect

A monthly magazine, as Africa Dealers deserve to know: Your contribution to the growth of distributive trade in Africa Your bad debtors they may be in the system buying cash from other players. Lets know their names and full location address. We will invite them to the Dealers Parliament and Integrity Development Workshop. This way your money will be recovered. Your Dismissed Sales Reps/ Managers. Your need of new Dealers, your requirement and incentives plan. Details of your current Sales Promotions, including proof of your past awards to your high performing Dealers. We will cover your Product launch Your CSR projects. How is it affecting Dealers and the business environment. News from major Africa markets/ Market Associations. Dealers celebrations- marriages, birthdays, house warming s etc.

Africa Dealers Sales Network

A cooperative buying and selling management network for operators in key open markets. It provides a better platform for managing credit in the various open markets. This service is highly recommended for new products and companies having challenges of meeting their Sales targets. Sequence For Service: Interested company:

  • Fill appropriate form.
  • Sponsor Dealers Focus Group Discussions to access basic requirement for Brands success e,g. pricing, trade terms, promotions and advertising terms.
  • Outline sales organizer for the brand.

Our Role

  • Organise the FGDs: Invite dealers, conduct research and report.
  • Organize credit customers into clusters.
  • Organize Insurance Credit cover for credit customers.
  • Periodically, organize training for Dealers on Stock management, sales forecasting techniques, effective sales network management etc. This is a must for all old customers. It will enable proper inventory management and sales targeting system.

Our experience

Pre- and Post Product Introduction monitoring Services 89%
Brand Communication Effectiveness Studies 82%
ABR Omnibus Survey 97%
Brand Positioning Analysis 85%
Pricing Surveys and Trends Analysis 90%
In- Depth Interviews 96%

Training and Development ServiceWe keep updating our curricular and area of focus, to keep paste with needs of today’s worker or company

Annual Marketing Research Workshop

Leadership Skill Development Workshop

Effective Management of Sales Territory

Market Segmentation Studies Using SPSS

Effective Media Planning and Monitoring Workshop